Factoring has been around for hundreds of years

This time-honored and increasingly popular financial tool speeds client cash flow and helps to avoid problems that slow-paying customers can create for fast-growing companies.

Factoring provides quick and convenient funding to companies who need capital to expand their business.

Factoring is NOT a Loan

Unlike other available methods of raising capital, there is no debt repayment, no compromise to your balance sheet, and no long-term agreements or delays.

Factoring allows you to use your own hard-earned assets to create cash for the growth needs of your company. It also provides you with the ability to bridge the sometimes difficult gap between invoicing and collection.

How it Works…

You receive an 80% advance on your invoice right away — so you can continue to grow your business! Then, instead of paying you directly, your customer pays our factoring company. When payment is received, our factoring company forwards the 20% balance to you minus our fee. It’s that simple!

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With Factoring YOU Can:

Account Receivable Funding